• Adventures in FatPositivity

    Experiences of body positivity and discrimination

  • A Study In Neon

    Cyberpunk detective story

  • The people versus the politicians

    An homage to fighting games of old

  • Adventures in FatPositivity

From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs.

Adventures in FatPositivity

This adventure experience has you exploring a city and encountering beautiful and sometimes discriminatory experiences. Features stunning locales and characters with lots of dialogue who inhabit the city. Everyone travels around, they might live in a house but only tell their deepest secrets when you meet them deep in the rainy woods…

The people versus the politicians

Let all your pent-up frustration go! Pick one of six weapons and blast, hack or shoot your way through levels filled with increasingly evil policitians. Currently working on the Belgian campaign, after that comes the UK campaign.

Just another day at the office

A cyberpunk thriller of old. Discover and dodge your way through the city of Ankhin, a haunted combination of old and new engineering.